Winter Seed
At the Lands End
Treatise nr21
Dead Calm
Wiscounts of Sastamala
Destiny in Dreams
Alchemistic Furnace
Studiosession 2
Cemetery Magic
Sons of Ukko
Gates of Oppression
Judgment Day

Judgment Day

lyrics by: W.Järvelä & A.Rikala

we all will be judged
We’re gonna pay for our sins
and have good things rewarded!


our consciousness
We couldn’t
to it!

we’ll pay
the prise
for making
this all muddled!

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the Astralworld

lyrics by: W.Järvelä

Be a witch and visit the realms of death.
There’s your demons coming by your sins.
Be sure, you will get your part of the torture.
Leave the gate open or you will be dead!

I’m trapped in he’re,
I cant get back.
World around me,
Darkness holds me,
grips my mind.
Astralworld caught me,
I no longer exist.

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Cemetery Magic

lyrics by: W.Järvelä

As a sacrifice
Goddess rewokes
On a gravestone
Goddess in her
Power Transcendent
Giving the throne

Cemetery magic
Magistus de ignoble
Rape on a gravestone
Magistus de ignoramus

Vigil in blood
Vibrations rise
Dagger so cold
Cutting beauty
Kristians transfix
Myrmidon obeys
Satan's mope


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lyrics by: W.Järvelä



Since I've been betrayed
Left alone on the darkest throne
No-one sees my despair
No-one sees my crown

You will see
There's no love
Just betrayol
No-one cares
Is it fair?
Cut-out life
Future is dying
Old man why?

Humppa saves the world!

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Sons of Ukko

lyrics by: W.Järvelä

Sons of Ukko ride across the skies
They seek you non-believers
Sons of Ukko hunt you
faithless people
No-one reaches them
before sees the eyes of Ukko
Sons of Ukko are masters of mine
No-one reaches me before sees the
sword by Ukko's sons

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Destiny in Dreams

lyrics by: W.Järvelä

Up in this northland, where nomads live, sun won't set before the winter.
Alone in my kingdom, beast and shadows of the past centuries, manifest my throne.
Drums of witchery echo above the mountains, Thor closing his power, storm crushing the weak.

Taking my hat off, opening my belt and shoes, hands in my face, crossing my arms.
Bow forwards and backwards, thou I yell; "push the boat ofshore!"
Before me sets the purple sun with sharp tooth from it's eye,
I amaze the horror coming from it.
A big ancient old man, with snakes on his beard,
deep eyes shining dark, voice of thousand bears.
Tells me the end closing in twenty-six years, still there's hope for new age of Kalevala!

Out of nowhere devil forms in a cat, tearing the skin off from my head.
I awake in form of Thor, yell through the darkness; "Thor repays the son!" Lightning from hammer.
Lightning closing the devil in it's embrace, burning the one that hates my throne.
And so my assistances bewitch me to resurrection of avatar,
to rule the high northlands with friends from the shadows.

Fullmoon shines and blees blood, giant roots coming through the yellow sky.

Road that I walk going through a cunt, into the black river of Hades and I see a swan.
A swan that I once haunted, until a war needed me to kill with sword and with runes.
With barehands I strangle the white swan, to get my bride of north,
with barehead I kneel before my maiden, to wed my white lamb!
Time after time when I wake from my journeys, inside a hunger, with my path is despair..

Despair.. a hunger.. shadows.. centuries.. milleniums.. destiny.. dreams..

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Alchemistic Furnace

lyrics by: W.Järvelä with co-operation of E.Holkeri & A.Rikala

Anthems for my mourning.
Inside shallow shell, behind black veils.
Agony from deceased, all my loved ones, gone.
As the last one alive, I embrace the dead ones.
Necrophilic dreams, conquer my innocence.

Forbidden era begins.

Again, I am alone the god and satan.
To world, I define the line between good and evil.

The lost souls, scream in the emptiness.
Searching the path, to my majestic temple.
Decay of minds, wipes away the mankind.
No-one ever knew, who was the god.
No woman sacrified, no-one willing to find.
Truth under this mortal skin, god behind my eyes.
All my dreams for paradise,
wishes for better life, forever hunger for a wife.
Melts down in this giant,
cosmic manifestation of my; ALCHEMISTIC FURNACE!

Help me please, I eager for touch,
goddess for mine; love divine.
Rape me please, I thirst for blood,
whores for mine; hate divine.

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Treatise nr21

lyrics by: W.Järvelä

Far away, dark side of the moon. On the highest mountain.
My temple reaches the stars, the church of my profundity faith.
Sculptured by scissorman and evil sandman.

Sights and visions descend to my mind, poor stupid mankind,
curses it's own faith, raping your consciousness.
You tremble away as blind, you wish to be embraced by death.
You see no light nor hope, life within' empty darkness.

Cosmic fire will burn one's soul, thoughts of rivers fallen to my mind
As in my dreams.. The spirit and soul unite.
To become as one, my shadow is risen.
I will see to mans end, as my name is mere Logos.

Hurt little angel weeps, carrying the weight of world.
Cry prayers for salvation, I will consider it.

Sun rinses out the pain, flushing away the filth, that stain the seven roses.
Magician shall take middleways place and thus shall set free those planetarian prisoners.
Whose tone is righteous and who are the right way tuned to the work to be done.
Fires close up the shadow, yet not burning it. Veil of fire is prepared.

Thus magicians shall say aloud those words, that unite water and fire..
Into one.

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At the Lands End

lyrics by: W.Järvelä

I stand at the lands end,
when the world had to end.
Visions of future repeating the past,
again I had to be the last.

Horizon taking my eye, a journey through the time.
Pictures of us, along centuries, whisper the missing of mine.

Disipline defecting, xxx
xxx, xxx

Tormented are the weak, xxx ones.
No victories shall done, for the ones who feel.

xxx from my ancestors, xxx ones.
No-one sees the fee, ended to massacre

Within wish of better day, I carried out my pain.
You wished it wasn't for real, but the pain is that I reveal.

Mind, a mirror of the past, that doesn't reflect the future.
Within darkness in my heart, I shall lay beside you.

(Some lyrics censored to prevent your brain overloading)

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Dead Calm

lyrics by: W.Järvelä

As death awaits you to scream.
As fullmoon expects you to howl.
Fullmoon encircles shadows with a silvery sheen.
Don't want to be a werewolf, until it's time to die.
Don't want to be evil, until the night is dead calm.

The lake of mind is calm.
The rivers of heart are frozen.
The forest of passion is withered
And I can't see if it's dead calm.

As heaven awaits you to fall.
As hell awaits you to rise.
What is this madness and
obscurity, total bewilderment,
scruples of expedients.
The blinded fall by dead calm.

Many mountains have I moved,
Yet many lifes taken,
Still no harm is done,
Until the silent frost..
Until the night turns dead calm.

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